In Loving Memory of

Janet Ethel Stotts

and her wonderful students

From Jack and Marg Kruse with thanks for 30 years of time and travel
with Janet and you.

Jack and I have spent the day remembering Janet and all of you.  We had the unique privilege of traveling with the touring choir 17 times in the past 30 years.  As manager for Janet, I also had the opportunity to salvage many photos I found loose in file drawers in her studio last winter.  I have scanned all of them.  Jack captured the music from many of the tours we were on and we have put all the best of the photos and digital music we have in our possession on a website.  We hope you enjoy them! We love hearing how you are doing through Facebook and directly!  Much love, Marg and Jack

Tour Choir Music Since 2005

Pictures Through the Years